Benita Cason, LMT, MMP
You work hard and sometimes play even harder. Now it's time to do some healing.


Benita is the very best!  She is top notch, highly trained and knowledgeable in massage and therapeutic techniques. She is an expert in pinpointing the areas of distress and tension and uses the right pressure and techniques to alleviate pain and promote relaxation.

I have had decades of massage therapy and spent a small fortune on spa and massage treatments in the US and Europe and I know a good massage therapist when I have the joy of their care. Benita helped me through migraines, bursitis in my hip, and chronic neck pain. She is the real deal!  A superstar in massage therapy and a lovely person who exudes a calming and positive energy. The therapy starts the moment you are greeted with her smile and followed by an amazing massage session that will help with whatever ails you or is causing stress or aches and pains. 

I am so impressed by the treatment and service she has provided me for years!  After trying numerous massage therapists when I moved from NY I was lucky to get Benita, at a Massage Envy near me, and I simply would not take a chance on scheduling with any other therapist once I had met her. I have not had a massage therapist match her skill and technique. Even my husband who is a real “tough it out” type of guy would only go for a massage if it is with Benita. It took me many attempts to talk him into trying a massage session with her, when he was having aches and tension and training for a triathlon, and when he finally went he agreed he should have listened to me sooner. He had not realized how effective a skilled and talented massage therapist could be for alleviating pain and tension, because he had not had anyone as amazing as Benita before. He has not been to another therapist since. If you are lucky enough to get a session with an amazing therapist like Benita it is very hard to settle for any other therapist. They just can’t measure up to the quality and comfort that Benita provides to her clients. She is caring and provides the comfort and relief you want out of your therapist. Top notch!!!

Nicolle P.



Benita's been my therapist for seven years and I wouldn't see anyone else. She's simply amazing, whether for a relaxing massage or deep tissue or pinched nerve. She's the best!

Marvin S.


I have been seeing Benita for years. Benita is absolutely amazing. She is very knowledgeable and a highly skilled massage therapist. I always need deep tissue therapeutic massage and not every therapist can get the knots out, but Benita is great. Every time I walk out feeling so much better than I walked in. She is very professional and knowledgeable about the body and always seems to know what to do to help. I would recommend Benita to anyone who is looking for a great experience and reasonable price!

Renata F.


I won’t go to anyone but Benita for a sports massage. She is simply the best!  While training for a triathlon, I was finding it difficult to maintain my training schedule because, as I’ve gotten older, my recovery time between workouts has slowed a bit. My wife told me that Benita offers a “sports massage” which helps to stretch ligaments and ensure adequate circulation to over-used muscles.  I said I’d give it a try and I was really impressed by the results. I felt relaxed and within 24 hours completely renewed and was able to push forward with my training. In my experience, I’d recommend Benita’s “sports massages” to anyone training for an athletic event – a distance run, a bike race, a triathlon, a Spartan race, whatever, both during your training and after.  Benita is great at what she does.  She is the best!

Mark P.


"Benita is awesome!!! She just seemed to know where my body needed the massage the most..... like my neck and shoulders;o)"

John T.


Benita really knows her stuff! One of the best massages I've ever received! If you can get a session with her you are lucky!

Stephanie T.


I have been suffering from shoulder and neck pain following a car accident for over a year. After multiples shots by doctors that didn't work, I decided to try cupping. One session with Benita made a world of difference! After two sessions, my pain was gone.

Stacy S.


My lomi lomi experience was AMAZING! Benita has a great flow and the energy was so calming and peaceful. The strokes from the top of the body down to the feet made everything feel so connected and complete. I felt like tenderized jelly afterwards!! I loved it!!

Ibnijah  R.